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Emil's Pizza

Emil’s Real Good Pizza

At Emil’s Pizza in Watertown WI., we are known for our delicious one-of-a-kind pizza. The menu features our Main Street original, Special, and Hi-Rise pizzas.

• Mozzarella and Colby Cheese Blend
• Savory Cooked Meats
• Deliciously Ripened Vegetables
• Perfectly Seasoned Sauce on a Rising Crust with a Delicate Crisp Bottom and a Light, Airy Interior
• Sizes available in 9”,12” and 14”.

Be sure to stop at your local grocer to pick up an Emil’s pizza.

Emil's Main Street Original Pizza

Emils Pizza

~ Cheese ~ Sausage ~ Pepperoni ~ Sausage and Pepperoni ~ Sausage and Mushroom ~ Cheese Fries

Emil's Main Street Special Pizza

Emil's Pizza Mushroom

~ Deluxe ~ Fire-Roasted Veggie ~ Bacon Cheeseburger ~ Sausage, Mushroom, and Onion ~ Cajun Chicken

Emil's Main Street Hi-Rise Pizza

Emil's Pizza Nonveg

~ Cheese ~ Sausage ~ Pepperoni ~ Sausage and Mushroom ~ Deluxe ~ Bacon Cheeseburger ~ 4-Meat Porker ~ Sausage and Bacon Breakfast Pizza

Emil's Garlic Cheese Bread


Our Garlic Cheese Bread has a blend of Colby and Mozzarella cheeses on savory Garlic Bread.

Emil's Cheese Fries

cheese bead

Savory Cheese Fries with dipping sauce.  

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1020 S 12th Street| Watertown, WI 53094
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